Infants and Toddlers

Infant and Toddler Program

From the very beginning, the body was designed to be able to regulate and soothe itself. Babies who have feeding or sensory issues, are colicky, have sleep difficulties or torticollis may struggle with self-regulation and be unable to settle into a consistent routine. This is disruptive for the parent and child alike, but beyond the exhaustion, it interferes with the baby’s ability to learn and interact with others.

Amaryllis Therapy Network employs highly qualified physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists who can combine their PT, OT or SLP services with complementary therapies like massage, craniosacral therapy, oral motor and neurovascular therapy. These manual therapies emphasize the brain-body connection and help the brain stimulate correct muscles and open restrictions so that there is optimal blood and lymph flow. This can help develop important sensory motor patterns for feeding, gross, and fine motor development.

Amaryllis Therapy Network offers several different services to help the baby who, for whatever reason, is struggling to regulate herself. The issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • recovering from birth trauma
  • sensory issues such as not wanting to be held
  • feeding issues with breast, bottle, or the introduction of solids
  • tongue and lip-tie, before and after release care
  • colic
  • sleep issues

Often parents have a gut feeling that their baby is struggling more than they need to. It may be that the baby doesn’t seem to feel comfortable in his or her own skin. The baby may startle easily, seem overwhelmed by sights and sounds or cry frequently. We work with parents to determine the best therapy or class for their child.

See below for more information about our infant and toddler services and classes.

Infant Massage Classes

Babies and parents alike benefit from this ancient tradition that has been practiced around the world for centuries and is now being rediscovered here in the United States. Research shows that infants who are massaged daily sleep better, have less colic and gain weight faster. Their parents have decreased stress and anxiety and develop more confidence in their parenting skills.

Class Formats

We offer infant massage classes in a variety of formats to meet each family’s needs. We offer a one-time class, often on weekends, so both parents can attend. We have a 4-week class that is geared for very young babies or those born prematurely. We also offer private sessions, private group sessions, or mixed age groups with siblings.

Infant Massage Class for Parents of Preemies or Very Young Infants

This 4-week class is designed especially for young infants under the age of 12 weeks or infants who were born prematurely and/or who have medical or special needs. Each week parents will learn how to massage different parts of their baby and how to adapt those strokes to meet their child’s individual needs. This class has a slower pace to support the babies’ immature nervous systems. Parents will also have an opportunity to meet other parents with similar challenges and exchange ideas. The class is open to infants’ ages 6 weeks to 12 months and their caregivers. This class is open to babies of ALL abilities!



Cost: $75 per family, all materials included. Contact us today at 303-433-0852 to register!

Free Infant Massage Class

Open to all families in the community! Recommended for infants 6 weeks to 8 months old.

INSTRUCTOR: Cindy Clark (Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Loving Touch Foundation)


Saturday, June 24 or Sunday, June 25 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm

  • Join us for a FREE infant massage class during our Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training. Our newly trained instructors will teach you how to massage your baby and share the benefits of massage with you and your little one.


Babies and parents alike can benefit from this tradition that has been practiced around the world for centuries and is now being rediscovered here in the United States.

Babies will:

          • have reduced colic, gas, and congestion
          • be calmer and sleep better
          • show improved motor skill development
          • develop strong attachments with their parents

Parents will:

          • improve their ability to read their baby’s cues
          • communicate more effectively with their baby
          • develop confidence in their parenting skills
          • reduce their stress
          • improve their own sense of well-being


Both parents and adult family members are welcome to attend with their infant. Please bring a towel and change of clothes for your baby and be prepared to feed him or her.  Babies often get hungry after a massage. Registration is required, please contact our office at 303-433-0852.

Infant Massage Class

Join us for…

Roly Poly Bugs! (ages 3 m – 12 m)

Gross Motor Group for Infants with Torticollis


2017 3-week Session


Led by Physical Therapist, Samantha Brock, this class is designed specifically for children recovering from Torticollis. This class will provide parents with tools to help their child develop balance, coordination, strength and postural awareness as s/he develops new gross motor skills. Each week will introduce new movement patterns for babies to practice, with an emphasis on keeping good head and neck positioning. The small class environment allows for parents to ask questions and for each baby to receive individual attention from a developmental expert.


The cost is $45.00 for the 3-week session or an $18.00 drop-in fee. Registration is required, please contact our office at 303-433-0852 or to sign-up.


Join us for…

Wiggle Bugs! (ages 5 months – 15 months)

Movement fun that fosters motor milestones for your little one!

INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Summers, COTA

2017 Sessions



Led by Occupational Therapy Assistant Melissa Summers, this class is designed to give you knowledge and confidence to help your baby get started off on the right “foot”. It’s a priceless opportunity to engage with your child in movements and sensory experiences essential for developing fine motor skills, balance, coordination, body awareness and social relationships. Each week, we will explore a new avenue of sensory and motor learning (touch, rhythm, movement, texture, visual motor coordination, etc). The small class environment fosters a tight-knit community of learners and allows participants to meet other parents and babies, receive “insider information” from a pediatric expert and ask questions as we go!


The cost is $60 for the 4-week session or an $18.00 drop-in fee. Please contact our office at 303-433-0852 or email us at to register your child.

Gross Motor Skills

Join us for…

Chatter Bugs! (ages 12 months – 21 months)

Engaging play that fosters communication milestones for your child.


2017 Sessions



Led by pediatric speech pathologist, Laura Baukol, this class is designed to engage you and your little one in successful communication. It’s a great stepping stone from Wiggle Bugs, as babies turn into toddlers and communication becomes their focus in development. The class will utilize music, movement, and play as tools to teach first words and signs, following directions, understanding new words and concepts, and sharing social experiences. Each week will focus on a different strategy or tool to enhance your skills for communicating with your child (e.g. following the child’s lead, offering choices, narrating and mirroring language). The small class size offers opportunities for toddlers to build early friendships and parents to collaborate on their experiences. This class is a priceless opportunity to receive guidance and pick the brain of an expert in early language development.


The cost is $60 for the 4-week session or an $18.00 drop-in fee. Please contact our office at 303-433-0852 or email us at to register your child.

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