Social Skills Group

Summer Social Skills Camp:

Miss Nikki and Miss Katie, two of Amaryllis’ Speech-language Pathologists, are combining forces to co-lead two social groups this summer. We have created two separate groups to support skills within two different skill/age levels. unsure what group your child might thrive best in, please ask!

Kids get a chance to practice social skills with a small group of same-age peers and two SLPs facilitating interactions and practical use of strategies.

Parents walk away with daily home plan to help generalize what was practiced at clinic to home and school.


Our Friendship Team:

For kids ages 4-8,:will focus on the topics of“What is a friend?”, how to invite our friends to play, and how to interact with our friends within different struc- tured play settings. August 5th-9th, 10:00am -11:am : Cost $225

Our Movie Star Team:

for kids ages 8-12: will support areas such as:how to interrupt, how to work in a group, and how to discover and use shared interests to hold a conversa- tion. They will be encouraged to roleplay and be “movie stars” as they actout skills and strategies learned during group. August 12-16th 11:00am- 12:00pm. Cost : $250

**Deadline to sign up is July 22nd.Payment in full is required when registering, ( a $50 processing fee will be charges for regrinds after this date.)