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Meet Our Physical Therapists!

Meet Our Physical Therapists! Our very own physical therapists, Lily and Emily would like to tell you more about their work here at Amaryllis Therapy Network. Check it out by clicking on the video above!

Gardening with Your Kids!

It’s spring in Denver and finally safe to put all of those starters and veggie and flower seeds in the soil. This is a wonderful opportunity for a fun, stress-free, joyful time with your kids. No matter their age, they can get involved. “Messy play” provides much needed touch sensory input. As your child plays […]

Breastfeeding Support Group Newsletter

IBCLC Ran Baby Feeding Support Groups or One-on-One Consultations Breastfeeding can be a beautiful and bonding experience for both you and your baby. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always reach a level of ease for the mother-baby dyad immediately. From slow weight gain and low milk supply, to sore nipples and mastitis, we are here to support […]

The Dirt on Dirt!

The Dirt on Dirt! It’s summer and time for fun with dirt! It turns out that playing in dirt is actually important for all of us. We reap many benefits! These include a stronger immune system, fewer allergies, better digestion, less heart disease, better stress management and contact with soil is a natural anti-depressant agent […]