Amaryllis Kids’ Yoga

Saturdays 9-9:45 am beginning April 6, 2019

Ages 4-11 years


Kids yoga is an imaginative experience in which kids learn how to connect their minds with their bodies. It is a holistic practice designed to build flexibility, strength, and confidence. Kids yoga even works to foster social growth, emotional regulation, and improve attention & focus!

Come play yoga with Kendra!

Kendra is a doctor of pediatric physical therapy and kids’ yoga instructor. Due to her extensive physical therapy training,

Kendra has the knowledge and skills to adapt yoga to all ages and abilities. All children ages 4-11 are welcome to join the class.

DATES AND TIMES: Saturdays, 9-9:45 am staring April 6, 2019

LOCATION: Amaryllis Therapy Network

COST: Sliding scale fee structure $10-15 per class.  Suggested fee: $12.00/child.  First class is free!

Yoga mats are provided.