Ideas to support summer speech development

May is better speech and hearing month! Here are some ideas to help your child practice his/her articulation and language skills over the summer.

  1. Read books aloud together
  • Listen for your child’s target sound and have him/her repeat words
  • Ask who, what, where, how, and why questions about the story
  • Ask your child to re-tell the story chapter focusing on event sequencing, main idea, and important details
  • Pick an object/idea from the story to describe (category, function, additional attributes, parts, location, materials, etc.
  1. Drawing pictures together
  • Have your child follow verbal directions using concepts like: first, before, big, small, purple, beside, around, middle, above, several, many, etc. (e.g. first draw a big blue house in the middle of the page, then draw a little yellow flower next to the house)
  • Look for objects within the picture with targeted speech sounds and repeat his/her words
  1. Field trip
  • Draw a map of your neighborhood/town and go on a “field trip”
  • Have your child sequence directions to get from one place to another
  • Follow his/her directions (even if they are incorrect) and see if your child can get to the correct place (this targets problem solving, directional skills, grammar, and descriptive skills)
  • Also have your child practice his/her targeted speech sounds when giving directions (if applicable)
  1. Cooking together
  • Choose a fun recipe to make with your child
  • Decide what supplies are needed, what steps need to be completed, and the order of steps
  • Have your child re-tell the cooking sequence focusing on proper sequence of events, grammar, and targeted speech sounds
  1. Vacation postcard
  • If you go on vacation this summer have your child fill out a postcard (highlighting some of the most important things they did/activities they liked the most)
  • You can do this if you stay home too (have them make your own postcard and write their favorite parts of the summer)
  • You can mail them off to a friend or family member for a fun surprise!
  • Focus on targeted speech sounds, sequencing, grammar, descriptive words, etc.

Nikki Kirchoff, MA, CCC-SLP

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