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Additional Therapy Resources

Mariposa Center for Infant, Child & Family Enrichment.

Located in the same office suite, The Mariposa Center for Infant, Child & Family Enrichment provides comprehensive creative arts-based therapeutic and educational services in order to promote greater health and well-being in the lives of young children, families and their systems of care. Phone: 720-288-5090. Email:

Solid Mountain Somatics

Andrew Tarr is a skilled practitioner providing different therapies for Children including the Anat Baniel method for Children, the Feldennkrais Method of Somatic Education, and Neurovascular Integration.

Parental Resources

“The Color Monster”– by Anna Llenas a book about emotions for kids ages 3-6. There are a couple different books in this series and they all touch on emotions.

“In My Heart” – by Jo Witek a book about emotions for kids ages 3-6

“The Whole Brain Child” by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson for parents; a 12 step guide to understanding right brain/left brain development and connections, and nurturing and supporting your child’s cognitive and emotional development.

“Visual Motor Integration”