Solid Mountain Somatics

About Andrew Tarr

Andrew Tarr of Solid Mountain Somatics currently practices the Feldenkrais Method® and Anat Baniel Method for Children.

Andrew completed the four year Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 1996. In 2006 he completed the intensive Anat Baniel Method Child Mastery programs. With over 14 years in private practice, Andrew has successfully worked with a wide range of people, from infants to seniors, to those with physical and neurological injuries, to high performers such as musicians, actors and athletes.

Andrew’s background includes a BA in Philosophy, collegiate and masters rowing, Contact Improvisation dance, coaching Special Olympics swim teams, and extensive experience with diverse populations of people with physical and cognitive challenges. He is also a senior student of Embodied Zen at the Integral Zen Center, in Denver.

Locations (Monday – Thursday):
818 W. South Boulder Rd, Suite 200
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-345-5777

Andrew is at Amaryllis on Fridays:
4704 Harlan St., Suite 200
Denver, CO 80212
Phone: 303-433-0852

The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education

The Feldenkrais Method® empowers people of all ages to overcome pain and limitation, improve movement, coordination, vitality and thinking. By accessing the remarkable capacity of the human brain to form new connections and patterns, students of the Feldenkrais Method® can achieve remarkable levels of improvement in movement, functioning and performance.

You can learn to:

  • Ease pain and chronic discomfort
  • Improve posture, balance, and flexibility
  • Prevent injury
  • Increase energy and creativity
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Improve concentration

The Feldenkrais Method® has helped:

  • Musicians, dancers and actors
  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Children with special needs
  • Seniors
  • Persons living with conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, or recovering from stroke or brain injury
  • People seeking relief from lower back or neck pain, and repetitive stress injuries
  • Anyone seeking to improve the quality of life

PRIVATE SESSONS: Functional Integration® sessions are custom designed to awaken the brain’s potential for reorganization, recovery and healing. We use gentle, non-invasive touch and verbal instruction to guide the student in a personalized movement process.

Anat Baniel Method for Children™

The Anat Baniel Method℠ for Children (ABM) is a potent evolution of the Feldenkrais Method, specifically applied to the special needs child. It was created out of Anat Baniel’s long study and collaboration with Dr. Feldenkrais, and some 30 years experience working intensely with thousands of children.

The practitioner of this method uses gentle, innovative techniques to help the brain of the special needs child form new neural connections and patterns that take the child beyond their current limitations. While it is a process, the changes begin happening right away and are often quite dramatic.

Children with the following conditions have benefited from the ABM:

  • Cerebral Palsy, brain damage infant and brain injured child (including stroke)
  • Child autism, autism spectrum disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger’s disorder and sensory integration dysfunction
  • Brachial plexus injury, torticollis, and other birth injuries, birth defects
  • Scoliosis
  • Genetic disorders such as Fragile X, spinal muscular dystrophy, and Down’s Syndrome
  • ADD and learning disabilities
  • Feeding disorders, bowel and bladder accidents and undiagnosed conditions

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